Friday, 17 December 2010

The 20-Minute "Simple Insanity" Workout

I had a workout this week where I only had about 20 minutes at the gym because I had to get out of there to make sure I had time to meet an appointment after the workout.

Since I only had 20 minutes, I knew this had to be a super-focused high-intensity workout.

You'll never believe the SIMPLICITY of this workout, while at the same time, being one of the most intense workouts you could imagine.

No cardio. No sissies for this one!

Here's what I did for 20-minutes straight:

--Alternated Dumbbell squat & presses with pull-ups.

That's it... plain and simple!

So I would do a set of HEAVY dumbbell squat & presses, followed immediately by a set of pull-ups... then back to the squat & presses, and so on... for 20 minutes... with very little rest in between sets!

This combo works great because you're working the entire opposite muscle groups for one exercise while you're resting the muscle groups worked on the opposing exercise.

And you don't even need a pull-up bar to do this super-effective combination. You could alternate the dumbbell squat & presses with bent over dumbbell rows if you don't have access to pull-ups, or can't do pull-ups.

As simple as this workout sounds -- just 2 compound exercises super-setted with each other for 20 minutes straight... it is pretty damn intense if you do it right!

Sometimes, when you have a time restriction on your workout, this helps to assure that you make your work the maximum possible intensity since you know you have a time limit.  Although I don't do this style of workout all of the time, it is a nice challenging variation to keep the workouts fresh and keep the results coming.

Give it a try sometime if you're strapped for time and need a good idea for high intensity!


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