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A Shocking Breakdown of a Fast Food Meal

I wanted to show you a surprising breakdown of a typical fast food meal that MOST people don't realize...

Here goes... Did you realize that when you eat a typical meal at a Fast Food joint, that you are basically eating almost entirely CORN (genetically modified corn too) ... and no, there is really NOTHING healthy about eating almost all of your calories from corn!

Let me explain...

Let's think about the typical fast food meal that somebody gets at a corner fast food joint... that common meal would be:

a cheeseburger
a side of fries
a soft drink (usually soda)

Surprisingly most people don't realize they are taking in about 90-95% of their calories essentially from CORN when they eat this kind of fast food meal (can we really call it a "meal").
The other calories come from wheat and soy derivatives mostly... certainly nothing healthy there either!  Let's break it down...

The soda or other soft drink obtains 100% of it's calories from a corn derivative -- high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

The cheeseburger contains beef from a factory farm feedlot where the cattle ate almost entirely corn... also the cheese comes from milk from unhealthy corn-fed cows from factory farm feedlots... between the beef and the cheese, almost all of your calories are originally derived from corn, but just transformed in a way.

The bun on the burger contains corn derivatives including HFCS. The rest of the calories in the bun come from refined wheat flour and possibly a small amount of soybean oil.  Basically, almost 100% of the calories from the burger come from corn, soy, and wheat.

Now comes the fries...

Most of the calories in the fries come from the oil that's soaked into them from deep frying in either corn oil or soybean oil (hydrogenated usually).  NOT good! 

So basically, the ONLY calories in this typical fast food meal that don't come from corn, soy, or wheat is the potato portion of the fries... and of course when potatoes are deep fried in oil, they create cancer-causing acrylamides.

You wonder how anybody can eat even one bite of fast food knowing these facts... or maybe they DON'T know these facts...and that's the problem.

Now you can see how 90-95% of the calories in a typical fast food meal actually come mostly from corn, soy, and wheat derivatives... and certainly NOT healthy versions either!

A few weeks ago, I saw a really entertaining documentary about how CORN has pretty much become the majority of our food supply due to the economics of it.  

The documentary was called King Corn, and I'd highly recommend picking the DVD up from Amazon and watching it... highly entertaining, but also pretty scary how we let economics ruin something as important as our food supply.

Another documentary that I think EVERYONE needs to watch is Food Inc This is a must see, and after seeing both of these documentaries, your views on what you eat and our horrendous food supply will change. 

This is why I make an effort to try to get almost 100% of my food from local farmers markets, health food stores, and a local farmer where I purchase all of my grass-fed meats, farm fresh eggs from free roaming hens, raw grass-fed milk, and tons of produce.

Feel free to fwd this to your friends and family to show them what they are really eating at Fast Food joints!

If you missed my article recently about the shocking statistic about what makes up 67% of the total caloric intake of the average American, see it below... it is a VERY sad statistic...

Have a great day!
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